Monday, February 8, 2010

Biblios Hokku - Matthew

For those of you who have only started reading my blog recently, or were not paying attention last year, I have an insane project called Biblios Hokku, where I convert the whole Bible to Haiku. One book at a time. In order.

I told you it was insane.

So last year I finished the Old Testament, and this year I am starting on the new.

If you want to catch up, go here. Every Haiku written so far is in one place.

I am starting on the Gospels now, and they are hard. All four books tell the same story, so how do you capture their individual 'flavour'?

Tell me after I am finished.

As requested, I am only publishing one a day, so you can meditate on the words before the next one.

So what makes Matthew different?

Matthew is a very Jewish Gospel. It aims at showing, among other things, how Jesus was the Messiah, and how his life and death were a fulfilment of the centuries-old prophecies. It is the only Gospel to use the phrase "Kingdom of Heaven" and to focus on Jesus as King as well as Messiah.

A King from Heaven.
The long-awaited saviour.
JESUS is his name.


Say Hoo Ha Ha!