Saturday, October 26, 2013


I don't celebrate Halloween. But if I did, I think I would have a costume.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Monday, May 6, 2013

Do Spiders like Golf?

Until recently, I could count the number of spam comments this blog had received on one fin. 

But at some point in the last few months, while I have been ignoring this blog a little bit, we got about 50 or 60 spam comments that slipped through. 

I do not know if that is testimony to the fact that the spammers are getting better at their hacking, or that my blog is finally interesting enough to bother hacking.

Given that I have not posted in months and months, I think the first explanation is more likely.

What is strange, is that 97% of the spam seems to be on one post.  The one called Liturgy 1 – Golf. 

So maybe spambots just like golf?

I really don’t want to have to set comment moderation, or make people copy stupid verification words, but it looks like that ship might have sailed.  If I can’t fix this problem, we might have to do that.  Sad smile

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

A Novel Idea

329949_1_ftc_thumbThinking about writing an inspirational novel, but don't know where to begin? Here's help! Your favourite authors offer tips on brainstorming, approaching tough topics, crafting a story, and marketing a book; and explain what makes fiction "Christian." Contributors include Jerry Jenkins, Karen Kingsbury, Francine Rivers, Randy Alcorn, Colleen Coble, Angela Hunt, and many others.

I found this book in a local Christian Bookshop a few years ago and bought it.  I have never regretted that purchase.  It is still one of my favourite books on writing, and the fact that it is focussed on Christian writing is just the icing on top.

The book covers more than just writing technique; there are chapters on getting yourself marketed, researching, how to use writing as a ministry, as well as many interesting stories and perspectives by Christian Writers. 

It was refreshing for me to find a book that gave good advice, and was in line with my beliefs.  (I really enjoyed the chapter on how to portray evil on Christian Writing, and how to deal with sex scenes.)

I have used sections of this for my Writing Group on occasion, and often dip in for advice on writing dialogue, or how to make the story hold together better.

It helps that much of the advice is from people who I hope to write like one day, or admire.  It is written from a Christian perspective, but can be read by anyone, regardless of their faith. 

Try it and see.  You might just like it.  I did.