Monday, November 9, 2009


For those of you who were wondering how my latest novel was going...

15000 words, and counting.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

So it begins

Well I won't be staying long today, I was up until midnight last night so I could start writing at 00h01 last night. I just thought I would pop in and say howdy, or should that be Hoo Ha Ha?

I have a few ideas for posts that I will be doing this month, as well as releasing new pieces from the Biblios Hokku series, so I won't be completely abandoning my Fishy responsibilities. I will also be following all your blogs as usual, especially since I can't let Katdish and Wendy catch up with me over at Sherri's Silly Saturday contest. (You take your eye off the ball for one second and someone else runs with it.)

Just to get you warmed up, here's a few more prophets from my Biblios Hokku.

Woe unto Israel.
You do not do what is right.
Turn yourself; and live.

Steadfast and constant.
Through fire and beast they stand-
And God stands with them.

Harsh is my judgement.
Oh return to my healing.
Free will be my love.

Vale of Decision.
Call on his name and be saved.
His Spirit will pour.
As always, the whole work to date may be found here.