Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Biblios Hokku

I love a good Haiku I do.

So I have decided that since my life is not hectic and complicated enough, I am going to stretch my poetic muscles a little by writing the bible in Haiku. That's going to be 66 seperate Haikus for each book of the bible. (Excluding the Apocryhpa)

And just because I felt that this task was not complicated enough already, I have decided to do them in order. So I will be starting at Genesis, and working my way through to Revelation. No pressure. I feel it will be an interesting exercise to try and capture the essence of each book in a few lines, while still retaining everything that makes Haikus so awesome.

I will be posting the entire set on my other blog and on fictionpress to keep them all together. Feel free to pop over from time to time and see how it is growing. I will also be publishing each new "book" here for your consideration and edification.

So far I have done the first three books, as well as an overview of the Bible as a whole. You try and do an overview of the entire message and spirit of the Bible in 5-7-5 and tell me how easy you find it!

Biblios Hokku
By faith, for service
our worth only in His eyes
we are saved for Him

In the beginning
Made for love, called for my own
Follow me, and live

God did not leave us
Fire by night, cloud by day
Our faith in our feet.

As I am holy
So must all my people be
Do this and draw near


  1. Wow. I don't know if you're my hero or whether you're just really, really an overachiever. But just for the record, I thought the first four were very good and very appropriate... And I'm not usually a fan of haiku. :-)

  2. Um, you have too much time on your hands.

    Kidding. This is a serious work. Are you reading through the book before you "Haiku" it?

    The Apocryhpa is not Scripture.

    In Christ,


  3. Great blog. GOD BLESS, andrea



  4. That is really flipping awesome! I would've never thought of putting the Bible in haiku form.

  5. Did anyone tell you how cool you are lately?

    wow....I love this!

  6. What a gift! I am so so so so SO glad to know you! I am in love with these already. I'm going to be looking through my house for the special place I'm going to post these as they're completed.

  7. unbelievable. seriously..what can i say?

    [tips hat!]


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