Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Who are you talking to?

I’m not sure whether I’ve mentioned this before, but…


It’s nothing personal you understand?  I actually hate all social media sites.  I just happen to be addicted to Facebook, so I don’t give it such a hard time.   (Don’t forget to join my fan page on facebook.)  But that’s not the point. 

Really it’s not. 

So let me ask you a few questions:

1.  Do you twitter?
2.  How much time do you spend talking to complete strangers about your day?
3.  Do you pray?
4.  Do you see where this is going?

So how much time did you spend yesterday talking to God about your day?  Did you tell him how nervous you were about that staff meeting?  I don’t mean your quiet-time, I mean all the time.  When that car cut you off on Main Street, and you realised you were going to be late for work, who did you tell?  What was your first instinct?  To bring it to Him, or the 500 total strangers who follow you? 

Oh, I’m sure Twitter is great and all, I just find it hard enough to fill my day with quality time for God.  If I’m already praying with one eye on my watch, I don’t know that I can keep the other on my cell-phone/laptop.

I’m just saying.



  1. You know I don't twitter, or do facebook, for the same reasons. I'm also not (nor have I ever been) a fan of "quiet time" that happens in the morning, then set God aside the rest of the day but still feel good about myself because I started my day with Quiet Time.

    I strive to keep an ongoing conversation, and the thing about a conversation is...when everyone is talking at once, it hard to hear or really grasp what someone is saying. I'm likely to miss something really important that I need to hear. I have enough "traffic" in my head all day long competing for my attention- I don't want to add even more.

    I could see where it would be fun, as I love banter- but really, sometimes my thoughts don't need to be constantly interrupted- I have enough trouble trying to stay focused as it is.

  2. I don't Twitter and I hope I don't start. I have a FB account though. :)

  3. I don't twitter.....I don't think I have that interesting of a day to let others know about it, yk? Like who cares that I just went through the drive thru and got a coffee.

    And right on about the time dedication factor. You stepped on my toes a bit..ouch....but I needed it.

  4. Okay, okay. I admit it. I tweet. Twitter. Whatever. I'm also on Facebook. I have a Myspace page that I almost never check and almost never update. And I have four email accounts... Which reminds me, I haven't checked the AOL one in several weeks. And I oughta.

    So, now, let me defend myself.

    I got on Myspace and Facebook because the children and youth I work with in ministry kept asking me to. Many nights, while sitting at home working on magazine articles, I end up counseling via Facebook or instant messenger. It sounds weird, but it has really become an amazing and unexpected ministry tool for me.

    What I have had to learn is BALANCE. My goal is to check my social media sites only at set times of the day. In the morning. On my lunch break. When I get home from work. And if I have some spare minutes in the evening. And that's all (unless one of my kids catches me on there and needs a bit of sisterly counsel).

    But I totally agree with what you're saying about not letting these social media outlets distract you or hijack your time with God. I absolutely agree.

  5. I agree about facebook. It has been useful to keep abreast of my Small Group members, and I know our Youth Pastor uses it well to keep up with her teens.

    And for the record I was not coming down on people who Twitter. If I were a better Christian, and able to balance my life better with being in God's presence all day, maybe I would be able to Twitter. But since I can't, I don't - because I don't need one more thing to trouble me.

    So it's more a matter of why I can't use Twitter.

  6. Sharkbait- your last comment is exactly how I feel. "Twitter, it's not YOU, it's ME!"

  7. what a great post! I LOVE FB!! I do..but I am learning to prioritize! I do pray and spend time in the word...but, I see how easily I can be distracted by it!!!!!!
    Heading over to become a fan of you page!:)

  8. I tried twittering for a month or so this summer but I just don't get it. I really don't care about the mundane daily events of strangers lives and haven't any real desire to share my life minute by minute. Tweet by tweet I guess would be morea appropriate.

    I have friends who have iphones and it seems they spend every waking moment txting, twittering, posting on FB and surfacing the internet. At first I thought I wanted to get an iphone so I could have more time online but I've learned it is necessary for me to disconnect in order to connect to God.

    Great post!!


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