Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Biblios Hokku - Luke

The Gospel of Luke is a unique Gospel. Luke is (probably) the only Gentile writer in the New Testament. Luke includes in his account words spoken by Jesus as a child, and many parables not found elsewhere. It appears from the introduction that Luke studied and researched the stories told about Jesus, and probably used Mark as one of many sources.

The Gospel is focused on showing that Jesus was a saviour for all people, both Jew and Gentile. Stories of salvation being extended to all are prevalent. The book ends with Jesus going up to Heaven, however it foreshadows the coming of the Spirit, and the book of Acts is considered by many to be a continuation of the Gospel, also written by Luke, showing how Jesus' life lead to the growth of the early Church.

Salvation for all,
Through his great mercy and love.
So much more to come.

Read the rest of the Gospels, as well as the Old Testament, here.

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  1. "so much more to come"

    Ahhhhhhhhhh, this makes me feel giddy with joy, EXPECTING great things for my life! YAY! Thank you for this, SB.....something I REALLY (yes, shouting) needed to read this morning.

    *high fishy five*


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