Monday, July 27, 2009

RDM #4 - Bees


On of my friends in the “real” world is a guy called David.  I’m not saying that’s his real name, but that is what he called himself on his blog David’s Short Stories.  Go and check out his blog for a few of his essays and stories about his life and family.

David has kindly allowed me to repost one of his early posts, entitled BEE.  If you’ve been following my blog over the last few days, you will note that all my posts have been about bees.  Go figure.



The Bee: a symbol of hard work. Now is it the Bee’s hard work that is rewarding or the fact that he finds nectar? Well, I’d say it’s the hard work. See, the Bee was born to work hard. It’s part of his purpose. Sure, if he finds nectar, it’s a bonus, and the hive will be pleased. However, if not, well that’s just fine with the hive which will support him in the knowledge that he works hard every day.

Seems a little visionless and doesn’t fall well within capitalist systems as his Work/Nectar ratio is poor. Nectar adds value to the hive and if enough is stored the Bee may even be afforded a softer workload or early retirement. But what is the benefit of a softer workload or early retirement? Being lazy, fat, well rested!? More likely it is an untimely, unfortunate death due to boredom.

If you take the Bee’s purpose away, he will become depressed, he needs to work.Conversely, if all the Bees work hard and have no vision, they may never find nectar. Will the hive die away? No, for if a bee fulfils his PURPOSE he need not concern himself with all the things out of his control. Miraculously the WIND may gust one day while on route to work and the Bee will stumble upon a new field of flowers for harvesting nectar.

You see, I believe that in this story, Purpose and Wind are linked.Purpose is like a resonant frequency. When you hit the right beat of your wings, work is easy. There is almost a doubling of your energy because what you are doing feels right and if you find that, you stick to it, even if it seems nectarless…;]

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  1. Interesting. I've never heard the bee used as a symbol of hard work before.

  2. This was awesome....

    I know and understand your aversion to bees, but they really are amazing creatures. Pretty sure it was Einstein that said if we wiped bees off the planet, all life would vanish in four years.

    things that make you go Hmmmmmmmm

  3. Lots of food for thought here. I like it, I like it!


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