Friday, July 10, 2009

Caffeinated Randomness : Lucille

I have a confession…  I love B.B. King.  I always have.  That man is just so cool.  I also love the fact that all his guitars are named Lucille.  The story he tells is that when he was younger, and was playing at a night club in a barn, two drunks started a fight over a woman.  In the fight, one of them kicked over a kerosene lamp, and set the barn on fire. Two people died in the fire, and yet a young King ran back into the blazing structure to rescue his $30 Gibson.  After he recovered, he discovered that the woman the two men had been fighting over was named Lucille.  He then named his first guitar Lucille, as a reminder to himself: 1) Never fight over a woman, and 2) never run into burning buildings.
Whatever the truth, that man can make Lucille sing!
When I got my first car, I decided that I would take her out on the highway, and when we hit 120 (kph obviously – mph is just crazy) I would hit the radio button, and whatever was playing, that we would name her.  Well, she didn’t have a radio, and I never got around to installing the one I bought.  So instead, I decided to name her Lucille.  I tell people she is named after Lucille Ball, or the first girl I asked on a date (also Lucille) but actually it was inspired by this video.  I just love Eddie Murphy’s smile.
See how many celebrities you can spot in this one.


My next car I named Nina, after Nina Simone.  Oddly enough, since I did that, none of my Bonnie Tyler CDs work in the sound system.  Seriously. 

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  1. Haha.. funny clip! Happy random Friday - hope you have a great weekend! :)

  2. Our music tastes are very similar- and I've been called Lucille (as in BALL) many times! I don't know why...

  3. I have never considered naming my car - is that a guy thing? Funny post, by the way!

  4. *not sure what just happened, my comment vaporized*

    OK......try this again!

    Happy Friday to you.....hope you have a great weekend ahead.

    Being married into a family of Blues Makers, so you might appreciate this. My hubby has a late 60s Stratocaster that is carved/signed by many musicians that he and his dad have met and played with. One being BB King. Other cool cats that have signed it are Stevie Ray Vaughn and Bo Diddly. And tossing some big hair 80s into the mix, there are the two guys from Christian rockers Stryper.

    Just thought I would share that random tidbit of info with ya.


  5. haha - thanks for sharing! :) Happy Friday!

  6. My hubby likes B.B. King, too.

    Have A Great Weekend!

  7. haha! I have not had the desire to name my car but my best friend has always named hers... and she named her guitar too....hmmm. :)

    Have a fabulous weekend!

  8. I had a buddy who named his car Ruthie after his aunt, becuase the car was old and slow, like her. He never referred to the car as 'it.' We always got a kick out of that.


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