Thursday, July 16, 2009


Look at me, I'm a failure.


  1. I posted a comment earlier but when I hit "post comment" it logged me out. Weird. Anyhow, Congratulations on your win. You made an excellent point I thought.

  2. VERY cool, Sharkbait! Or can I call you SB?

    I tried that One Minute Writer before. My ADD brain got over anxious, my fingers were fumbling and all I got was....

    " I think the......"

    *insert buzz of death here*

    anyway......Congrats! You are a winner in my book.

    Oh, you popped in my head the other day.....we have a habit of repeating this line in our house

    "He either said "We should go to the back of the throat", or "he wants a root-beer float".

    Have a great weekend..


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