Saturday, July 25, 2009

My last camping trip – Part 1

coughingThe last time I went camping was in December 2008.  I remember it  well.  The reason I remember when it was is because I had my annual case of “Hundred Day Cough.”  Every year for the last five, from about November to February, I get sick, and cough.  A LOT.  I can’t breath e sometimes.  I go to the doctor, who give me antibiotics, and all sorts of things.  Nothing helps, and when the course is finished, I get sick again.  They do tests, and prescribe stronger stuff, and still it persists.  I get used to the fact that I am going to have to buy cough mixture pretty much non-stop until Valentine’s Day.  Last year they told me that if I didn’t get better soon, they were going to have to test me for Drug Resistant Tuberculosis, which was doing the rounds at that time.

And I was coughing a lot that weekend.  I took two bottles of cough mixture, just in case. 

  The viewNevertheless, I decided that if I was going to cough all December, I might as well do it in the most beautiful camp-site in the world.  See the pictures?  They don’t do it credit.  This place is out in the middle of nowhere, miles from the nearest town, and it is awesome.

DEC 08 Mike's FIRE!On the first night, we made the biggest fire we could find, and burned it until late that night; because one of the cool things about this site is the fact that just up the hill is a fruit orchard, belonging to the owners of the camp site, and there is enough dead wood there to burn a fire non-stop all year.  IT. IS. AWESOME!

I went with the members of my cell group, and it was a really good Camp site time to just “chill” and get over the year that was soon to end.  Even my persistent cough was not enough to put me off, although by the end of the first day I was drinking that cough mixture straight from the bottle.



  1. I can't imagine what that must be like to cough that length of time. Yikes! The picture is beautiful even if it doesn't do it the justice it deserves. I hope you have a chance to go camping there again soon.

  2. Ok, you've got me curious....I'm not coughing, so I might be OK on my trip, but I am wondering what happens next!

  3. Sherri, you will laugh at the irony of that statement when you read tomorrow's post.


  4. Oh, I have a fear of what happens next..... Incidently, for several years, I had this affliction that every winter (January or so) I would get a cold. It would become a sinus infection. Which would progress to an ear infection. Which would progress to bronchitis. Which would progress to pneumonia. I would make repeated trips to the doctor and they would put me on one med after another. Some would help marginally, but none would heal me. And then, finally, last year I broke down and went to an ENT specialist. Two trips to him, one CAT scan, and two prescriptions later, I'm MUCH better. Come January, we'll see if I'm REALLY "healed."


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