Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Hope - One word at a time.

I know I have posted it before.  Twice.

But when I saw that the topic at One Word at a Time Carnival for today was Hope, I had to repost again.

Hope comes in the morning,
But faith gets you through the night.

Sorry, that's all I got for you today. If you want something a little more profound...


  1. Good stuff...doesn't matter how many times you post it!

  2. Even if you have posted it before, some of us haven't seen it. And it's still profound.

  3. Yes. Faith that the Father is watching over me gets me through many nights.

    Robots, huh? ;-)

  4. Totally glad you shared it again!

  5. I suppose you don't have facebook either, do you?

    Anyway, I'm gonna steal that quote and use it as a status, and I'll mention you. :) Loved it.

    And the picture too. LOL

  6. Your "Shark Bait's Reef" was just too enticing a title to pass up! I'm sooo glad I stop in.

  7. Amen - it's because He never sleeps.

    Love this, Sharkie (and it's swimmingly good to have you back!)

  8. Duane. I was actually born on facebook. The Reef Started out as a Facebook group there.

    Then the facists deleted me. No explanation, but I assume it was because I was a fake profile. To protect people too stupid to know that I wasn't really a stuffed fish.

    So I moved to Blogging.

    But, if you look at my side bar ==>>
    you will see that you can be a fan on facebook, and even join the (largely defunct) group still.

  9. You're saying I'm part of a defunct group? Or are we just funky?

    Anyway, this post has been sitting in my box for the last couple days while I keep mulling it over. Since the Bible says weeping persists for a night, but the morning brings rejoicing, I was trying to decide if your quote gives me an out from hope for a good overnight pity party when I want one.

    I like the quote, but I can't quite excuse myself for the times when hope gets depleted. I don't want that to be the case, and I suspect it shouldn't be either.

    I'll go think some more now ...

  10. Love it! I agree with Glynn... not all of us have read it before. Thanks!


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