Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The other me.

For those of you who know me quite well, you know that I like a good caption contest.  In fact I love any challenge that involves writing something.  Which is why some of you were surprised to find that I had only won the One Minute Writer once. 

The truth is that I entered under the name of Sharkbait by accident.  I actually write there under the name of Davidseven, where I have won no less than eight times, as well as being the first person ever to win Weekly Winner badge twice.

Not that I like to brag of course. 

If you click on the link to my other blog, you will find out about another major achievement I recently... achieved.  (Sorry, for a writer I am not very writerly today.)

I just though I wanted to share what I do when I am not being a FISH.

That is all.


  1. I did not know you had another blog Sharkbait, or David, or whatever your real name is. I thought you were a fish all the time. Very, very interesting.

    Congratulations on your achievements. :)

  2. You'll always be a little fishie to me! (Couldn't resist)
    Congratulations of the awards! You deserve them!

  3. Suh-weet! (Translated, that means, "sweet" and is an expression used to express that something is really, really cool.)

    Way to go, my fishie friend! :)

  4. This is all very confusing...

  5. Loved your winning entry! I left a more profound comment at your other place-whoever you are.

  6. For the record, David Seven is no more my name than Shark Bait is.

    It's just the name I write under. (Since Pixar might set their lawyers on me otherwise)

  7. I love the "thank you for not calling the police" lol that was great :)

  8. Congrats SB, D7,or whatever you are going by today!

    Great stuff, as always! :)


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