Friday, May 14, 2010

Men of Fear

I could lose my guy card for this.  You know that, right?

You women are always asking us about our feelings, and we're always putting you off.

Woman : Tell me about yourself.
Man : I'm hungry.
Woman : No, tell me about your feelings.
Man : Okay.  I feel hungry.

Well I'm about to share with you a feeling I think all real men have; one we'll never admit to. 


Real men are afraid all the time.

Sometimes we're afraid of spiders as well, or rats.  But we deal with them, so that you don't have to.
Sometimes we're afraid you'll realise this, and won't let us do it for you.
Sometimes we're afraid that we won't be strong enough.  That you'll need us, and we won't be there.
Sometimes we're afraid because you're hurting, and we know we can't fix it.
Sometimes we're afraid we might be the one to hurt you.  Really afraid.  You have no idea.
Sometimes we wake up in the middle of the night afraid that you might realise you're too good for us.
Sometimes we are afraid that when the moment comes, we might not be able to be the man you deserve.
Sometimes we're afraid.
You do that to us.

I think real men are afraid of this all the time.

That's how we know they're real men.


  1. Where are the comments, favorite fish? Did you scare them away to speak of such fears?

    I think there are two few men who know healthy fear. Anyone man enough to have such fears is probably safe from them.

  2. This post holds the promise that you will retain your titanium-plated man card.

    You're my very favorite fish.

  3. Wow. That was awesome to read.

  4. It's interesting to me that even though men have these fears, they also have great courage, at the same time, to move despite their fears. Thank you for your honesty! It really helps a lot.

  5. We are also terribly afraid of maps, but you already knew that one, didn't you?

  6. laughing at the map comment!

    SB, I just love the raw truth here....and is shows huge courage to post what you did.

    Not sure if there is a female fishy involved here...and it might not be any of my fishy business.....but *if* there is, fear not. You seem like a great catch!

    (oooooops, that was a pun intended)


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