Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Write it out.


I can relate. 

I feel like one of my areas where GOD calls me to serve him is with writing.  I am a part-time writer – which is to say a really bad one.  In addition to my fiction and poetry, I also write bible studies and manuals, and study guides for books and bible-studies that already exist.

I wish I could say that I feel GOD speaking to me, and that I just take dictation.  But for me, sometimes, the process is a little more… painful?  strange?  scary?

I feel like I get images, and pieces.  As if I have had all the ideas shoved into my head all at once, and I have to try and sort them out.  At times, drawing a new manual feels like I am trying to keep sixteen plates spinning at the same time, and if I take my eye off one for more than a second, it will fall, and they will all follow.

So I write, and draw maps, and connect Bible verses with pictures from movies and try to fit it into the theme.  Sometimes I will be working on a study for weeks before I know what it wants to be about.  But when I figure that out: when I find out what the hook, or theme is, suddenly everything falls into place like a jigsaw puzzle.

I think that’s why GOD does it that way.  To remind me that it’s not about me, and also to make me work at it.  To force me to slave over it every day, until it it perfect, rather than just writing down what he says, like a holy typewriter.

But while I am writing, it can be a wild place in my head.  Where I feel like I need to write everything out of my head as fast as possible, before it explodes.

Then, sometimes, I get the whole thing in a flash or explosion.  Where I can see an entire play, or idea, at once.  And I need to write it down quickly.

A few weeks ago I was sitting by the side of a river at 5AM, having my quiet time with GOD, and staring at the water, when he dropped one of his insight bombs on me.  I will be sharing it with you all shortly.  The problem was that I was sitting by the side of a river. 

With a bible, and a pencil, and nothing else.


So here is the rock I chose to write my latest blog post on.  Good luck deciphering the map.  If you can’t read it, I will be posting the normal version tomorrow.

GOD chooses some strange utensils.

I should know, I’m one.



  1. I'm already looking forward to your next post. I have to say, I really like your closing line on this one. Slick!

  2. Okay, I LOVE this post. And I love the fact that you wrote His words to you on a rock. That is just such a Moses thing to do :). (How fitting that it happened by the river, since you're a fish and all).

    It's hard! On one hand, I know in my hard that God gave me this writing gift. On the other hand, I usually feel like I have no idea what to do with it. Am I supposed to blog? Write a book? Just write letters to people?

    I want to be His hands and feet and sometimes writing seems counterproductive to that. Like, maybe I should just be doing something instead of writing about doing something.

    Then there's the problem of motives.... pride creeps in and messes everything up.

    This is my favorite post from you Sharkie!!

  3. OK....in total agreement with Kristy....this just launched into my Top 5 Fishy Faves.

    the rock.

    totally awesome. so symbolic of His Word being our Rock.

    And you....if you ever venture into the Atlantic Ocean, you best find your way to our shore. (check out my post today....not a shameless plug, well maybe a little.....but so excited for what is going on and could totally see you/us sharing your Bible studies too)

  4. I tried to read the rock but I couldn't :( I'll come back for the real post :) Great message here!


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