Thursday, April 1, 2010

It is official people.  I will be leaving you for a while, possibly a long time.

My friend Jacques Beit of the Van Dingnimmo foundation called me last night, and told me that they wanted to offer me a position on their ministry team.  Full time preparation of teaching material and Christian manuals, and an opportunity to advance the Kingdom of God. 

The catch?

The position is in a foreign country.  A very foreign one.

There is a small French/Arab protectorate in West Africa called Fein D' ingni Mo, and their leader Shah Kebat has recently given permission for "Western Missionaries" to come into their country.  The Van Dingnimmo foundation has been trying to get literature into the country for a long time, and now they think if they can set up a publishing house locally they might have sucess.  They also think that using Africans will make us seem less 'foreign' and allow us to be accepted more easily.  So I have been asked to sign on for an eighteen month contract to head up their new materials division.  A wonderful opportunity.

The problem is that religious tolerance in Fein D'ingni Mo is a bit of a joke, and they are doing this mainly as a publicity stunt.  E-mails and internet access is very limited, and heavily monitored by the government.  All blog sites are restricted, ever since local student reported in the Hew Ha-Hah rebellion of 2008, and so I don't think I will be able to get an outside line for my blog.

So you might not be hearing from me for a while, but know that you are all in my thoughts.  Please start praying for me. 


  1. Of course you will be in my prayers.

    May I copy and paste this into my blog to ask my readers (though all mine are probably all yours anyway) to pray for you, too?

    You will be missed.

    Praying for your success and safety as a missionary.

  2. Did you just prank me, Sharkie? If so, I have to admit, you got me good! The best ANYONE ever pranked me. You are an awesome little fishie!

  3. If this is true then good luck and I'll be praying for you

  4. Judging by the traffic on twitter today, I don't need to tell you all that this was an April Fool's Day joke. (I might not twitter, but that doesn't mean I don't stalk some of you; I'm just saying.)

    Brother Jacques Beit of the Van Dingnimmo foundation = Brother Sharkbait of the Finding Nemo foundation

    Shah Kebat of Fein D'ingni Mo also = Sharkbait of Finding Nemo

    the Hew Ha-Hah rebellion... well, you see where I'm going with this. :-)

    P.S. Thank you all for your kind donations to my mission fund. No Refunds, No Exchanges.

  5. Okay, you got me! I'll be more careful in the future. To think I went all day yesterday and no one even attempted to get me. This will teach me to let my guard down. Love it though!

  6. Done, favorite fish. Count on the prayers.

    Whenever, wherever, I'll look forward to seeing you. I'm trusting Jesus that we'll recognize each other. :D

  7. It's April the 8th and I've only just figured I was pranked! Shame on you :).


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