Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Biblios Hokku - Amos

"Prepare to meet thy God, Oh Israel!"

Sounds like something we'd hear Clint Eastwood say if he was starring in The Ten Commandments doesn't it?

In actual fact this was a warning given by lowly shepherd Amos in 760BC (give or take.) Amos sees visions of GOD's displeasure at Israel for falling back into Idol worship again. As always with Biblical prophets, he is given a message of hope; and a warning.
Seek justice for all,
Like a never-ending stream;
and you shall meet God.

You can see the whole Bible here, or learn more about Biblios Hokku here.


  1. I am so sorry, favorite fish. As good as your poem is, my enduring memory will be of Clint in a linen robe to help me remember Amos. Appreciate that! ;D

  2. As scary as that thought is, what is scarier is that there is already a debate going on here about casting Clint in the Bible.

  3. Though Jacob was about mid-70's when he met Rebecca, his personality was far too subdued for Clint. Moses? Nah. Been done. God? Augh! But Caleb? Yes. Clint would be excellent as Caleb.


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