Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Biblios Hokku - Habakkuk & Zepheniah

Two minor prophets. Speaking of judgment and salvation.

Habakkuk is one of the most mysterious prophets of the Old Testament; we know little about him. He argued with GOD when he found out that GOD was planning to use the Chaldeans to punish His people. He says that the Chaldeans are even more disobebient that the people of Judah, but GOD reminds him that He has a plan, and it is not our place to understand it. A reminder that GOD know what he is doing, and will redeem his people eventually.

Trust God, and his plan.
The just shall live by his faith.
Just you wait and see.

Zepheniah on the other hand is one of the least mysterious of the prophets. He wrote his prophecy in about 630BC, and he is even identified as being the grandson of King Hezekiah. He also prophesied that "The day of the Lord is near", quite a strong warning to the people about their behaviour. But he also reminds us that the faithful have nothing to fear from this. "the Lord your GOD in the midst of you is mighty; he will save, he will rejoice over thee with joy."

Rejoice, we are saved.
God’s might in our midst.
We need know no fear

Two prophets, one message. GOD has a plan, and he wants us to be on the right side of it when it comes to fruition.

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