Thursday, December 24, 2009

Biblios Hokku - Malachi

Ah, Malachi. The last Old Testament prophet, and the last of our Haiku for the year. Since it is Christmas tomorrow, and the books have all been heading towards this, I thought it was a good time to stop.

Malachi prophesied in about 450BC, and had some harsh words about emplty rituals. He also spent a lot of time passing on GOD's promise of messiah. "But unto you that fear my name, a Sun of Righteousness shall rise, with healing in his wings."

After the prophecies here, GOD was silent until the arrival of John the Baptist.

A final promise of what is to come tomorrow....

You have lost your way.
Your faith you weaken in vain,
I will send my light.


  1. I will send my light~

    WOW!!! What a Promise!

    Merry my favorite fishy friend.


  2. Lovely finish on the OT. Beautiful series. Are you going to publish in a nice gift book?

    Now, not to pick on my favorite fish, but it always bothers me just a little bit to have people say the Lord was silent for all those centuries. Though He didn't choose to speak through a published writer, I happen to think He said plenty through the miracles He wrought in the time of the Maccabees, and that He was certainly speaking to others. No new Scriptures doesn't mean God isn't talking to His unpublished people.

    Just a thought.


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