Sunday, January 2, 2011

I just want to be a FISH

I have never been one for New Years Resolutions.  If something is worth doing, there’s no reason to wait until an arbitrary date on the calendar.  I just do it. (Or don’t )

Apparently Alece over at Grit and Glory feels the same way.  She has a project called….

Go over here and learn more.

So I am choosing my One Word for 2011, and I am going to cheat. (Twice)

The word is….


  • Cheat 1 : FISH is short for Faithful In Serving HIM.  So it is actually 4 words.
  • Cheat 2 : Since it is the reason I call myself Sharkbait, I suppose it has been my theme for a long time.

But I don’t really feel like I got it right yet.  So I will keep trying;  Keep striving; Keep aiming to be

Faithful In Serving Him.

What about you?  What’s your One Word for 2011?


  1. Love it. Good luck in 2011, Sharkbait. My one word? Probably FAITH: Finding Assurance In Trusting Him is how I think of it.

  2. Decisive! My biggest weakness, for sure.

  3. im with prudy. i want to be a FISH too!

    great post, sharkbait!

  4. Mine is REACH. I want to get out of my cozy little life and be the real hands and feet of God.

  5. Looks like you're going to have a whole school of FISH. Count me in!

  6. Count me in too! I wanna be a fish!

  7. I knew one day being a fish would catch on.

    Hoo Ha Ha!!!

  8. Now if you said PISH (perfect in serving Him) I could agree with you that you don't have it quite right. But 'faithful' is to believe in the unseen, to persevere even after rests. I'm inclined to argue, favorite fish.

    And you challenge me. Thinking ... thinking ...

    How's this? My one word for 2011 shall be HOPE. I'll follow your example and cheat:

    I wish to seek no rest, save in the perfect peace promised to the one fixed on Him (Isaiah 26.3)

  9. Hey there fishy friend. I actually like New Year Resolutions and the idea of a fresh start. I also like the idea of focusing on a word. I choose HOPE, because I am hoping for a fresh start. 2010 was horrid. I'm hoping 2011 will be exactly the opposite!

  10. I wanna be a fish too......that has ultimate peace.

    Happy New Year, SB!

  11. Amen Sharky! :) Hope you have a very fishy year.

  12. Just keep swimming.


Say Hoo Ha Ha!