Monday, January 10, 2011

Faithful FISH

I chose for my One Word this year, the word FISH. 

Faithful In Serving Him


As I spend this year trying to learn how to be more FISHy in my life, I decided that one way would be to learn from great FISH of the past.  Men and Women who have been BIG FISH
(Believers In God – Faithful In Serving Him)

So I will be following the lectionary of Saints Days this year, and picking out a few to honour.  I hope you won’t be too bored, as we try to learn the answer to the age old question…

What goes well with FISH?


  1. September 26th is St Damian's day...just sayin. :-)

  2. I did not know that. I knew about Fr Damien of Hawaii, but the twins are new to me.

  3. I really liked your acronyms. I don't know how to answer your question but I'll think of something.

  4. And yes, I am aware that calling someone a Faithful FISH is tautologous. (Since F in FISH is for Faithful)

    But my answer is... pish tosh!


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