Monday, July 5, 2010

Who are you people?

When I first started this blog, way back in the long distant past of January 2009, I really had no idea what it was going to be.  Which is to say, I really didn’t think anyone would read it, so I didn’t think it would matter.

The blog was started with the idea that it would help me with my daily journaling.  Every morning, after doing my quiet time, I would write in my journal about the deep spiritual insights arising out of my daily reading.  Since you know how disciplined I am about daily routine, I thought I would help it along by doing it online.  Then it would be obvious to me that I was missing a day.

So it was supposed to be a sort of online journal.  I just never imagined that anyone else would read it.

Then it occurred to me one day, while reading Stuff Christians Like, that instead of commenting as <Real Name deleted for privacy reasons> I could just comment as Sharkbait.  Much simpler, and then I started doing the same on some of the other blogs I used to follow.

And the next thing I knew, people were reading my blog, and talking back to me.

It was quite disturbing.  In fact, when I got my first ever comment, on 17 February 2009, I nearly wet myself. 

These days I have about 40 people following me in one way or another, and around 50 direct hits a day.  I still don’t know where they come from, but it has changed the way I think, and write.

I assume most people would be too bored to read my fishy ideas about deep theology.  In fact when I wanted to get all deep and theological over Lent, I even created a separate blog for it. 

I still think most of my posts are really just me talking to myself, and working through ideas in my own head, but I am definitely influenced by the fact that I know people are listening.

What about you?  Would you write differently if no one read your blog?  Would you still blog if you had no followers?

And just who are all you people who come around every day?  (And what were you expecting to find at a site run by a Fish?)


  1. Are you trying to make me think? Because it's not gonna work! So there. Hmph.

    And people read my blog? I thought those comments were coming from my multiple personalities...

  2. I just came by because this post was in the HighCallingBlogs reader, so I assume you must be in our network and I wanted to say hello!

    To answer your questions--I might write a little differently if no one read my blog. For a long time (I've blogged in one way or another since about 2003), no one did visit my blog (other than my mom and a friend or two), but I continued to practice writing, telling stories, sorting through life and faith and family stuff. I still practice writing, tell stories, and sort through life and faith and family. But knowing some people come by probably causes me to explore my tone and "voice" differently. And proofread more carefully.

  3. I was looking for Nemo and thought "Shark Bait" might be an alias ...

    I rarely write but the photo part would remain the same ... as for the words ... they come hard.

  4. You nearly wet yourself? I'm not sure how that works for a fish ...

    And I'll do whatever the Lord makes clear, regardless of identity, regardless of numbers. It's got its challenges, but it's a sure thing.

  5. Wendy - Since I blog under multiple names, some of my early comments were from my multiple personalities.

    Anne - I wondered whether anyone would catch that. :-)


  6. I don't know. Who ARE you?! I don't even know where you live. But I like your snarky awesomeness.

  7. Would I blog differently if no one read my blog? Probably not, but I wouldn't have near the material to write about, because some of my best stuff is inspired by the awesome comments/conversations started on HLAC & FOTTSP. Cremation, anyone? still makes me laugh.

  8. I definitely think we write differently when we know somebody is reading. It's funny but when I first started my blog, I felt a little stupid. It was like I was pretending I had friends out there - imaginary friends. Sort of pitiful. I much prefer talking TO somebody rather than to the empty abyss. :)


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