Thursday, July 1, 2010

Pleasantly disturbed

For almost as long as I have known him, Duanne Scott has been running a meme called Pleasantly Distrubed Thursday.  Actually today is only the third time, but since I've only known him about five weeks it's still true.  One of these days (alledgedly next week) he will get a button for the meme, and then it will finally have some credibility.  In the meantime we'll just make do.

I haven't tried writing a PDT post before because I am not at all disturbed, or random.  My mind is like a steel thingamajig, but actually I sometimes enjoy just taking my mind off the hook and letting my fingers do the talking over the keyboard.  It's a little like free writing, or free association - you really have no idea what you are talking about, and just have to hope your fingers are better spellars then yuo are.

I was a little afraid I might end up babbling about the weather, or bowel movements.  Like old people do when they start talking, and seem to have disengaged their brains.  But it seems that I can avoid the topic, although it would be nice to try and make a joke about playing scrabble and being "Inconsanant, and with no vowel movement".  

But that would be a really sad joke, so I won't make it.

But I have been playing a lot of scrabble lately.  I have discovered the Scrabble function on Facebook, and enjoy playing with people around the world.  (Excluding USA and Canada)  

I don't mean I don't like playing with people from North America, but I think that the game is Worldwide (Except for USA and Canada), probably for copyright reasons. I must admit it makes a change from all those videos you Americans watch on your blogs that I can't watch because "This video is blocked in your country for copyright reasons."

I have been enjoying the scrabble, but I hate it when my opponent forfeits. I mean what kind of victory is a forfeit?  Here I am winning, and relying on breaking my own high score by laying down my last 7 tiles to make "JAUNDICED" across a triple letter and score 122 points, plus your penalty tiles, and you forfeit your last move.  Talk about a hollow victory.  The only acceptable time to forfeit is when you are beating me by 300 points, and suddenly need the toilet.  Then you can forfeit.  Because we both know I would have made a come-back, and it's your own fault for not having a stronger bladder anyway.

Oh wow. One step away from talking about bowel movements anyway.  Go figure.


  1. I never talk about BMs. I like to pretend I never have them. I don't know why (actually, I think it is because I'm a "visual" thinker, and I hate the thought of being visualized on the .....throne). I'm sure Freud would have a field day with that!

  2. You got it. I have almost the exact extreme fear of writing about bowel movements. One of these days, it's going to happen.

    And when it does, I'm done writing.

    Hmph. I was like, I can play Scrabble online with Sharkbait? But then you nicely ruined any chance. Oh well, I needed a reason to move to Australia anyway.

    Great post! Made me laugh, and is a great contribution to the carnival. You do these so well. :)

  3. Everybody poops. There. I've said it.

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  5. I talk about my kids' bowel movements a lot on facebook. One of my friends from high school threatened to delete all moms from her friend list if we didn't stop talking about poop, vomit, and blood.

    You always make me laugh. And I stink at Scrabble.

  6. Things are going from bad to worse here ... first Duane's comments on women and mops and now it's old people with disengaged brains ... or was it? Anyway ... I fit both categories. Oh, bother ...

  7. Uhmm, Dude! It's PLEASANTLY disturbed. I don't think you qualify. lol

  8. Wow that was amazing.

    And poop is inappropriate in any context.

  9. I never forfeit.. unless I'm just playing a computer...
    I prefer to not discuss the other issues you covered.. too disturbing and not at all pleasant.. thanks for joining the fun

  10. Haha. You said bowel. I'm just glad your free-writing fish fingers didn't spell it "bowl" because that really annoys me. They used to serve "fish fingers" in the cafeteria at my kids school, and that really annoyed me too.

  11. Candy - I once gave a Bible verse to someone, and they misread it as "Bowels of Wrath" being poured out. It was an amusing bible study that night. :-)


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