Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Now? Or Never?

I mused recently on the question of why do we blog?  Now as a follow up question; do you force yourself to write, or does it just happen?

Two of the blogs I occasionally visit have similar, but opposite, memes going.  Both have cool buttons, but I really don’t think you could use both. :-)

C. Beth has a button for Blogging with Discipline.  They theory being that it is sometime better to write something regularly, rather than make it perfect.  So it is about committing to blogging regularly, whatever that means for you. 

Tartx has a different idea, called Blogging without Obligation.  The principle here is that you should only blog when you feel like it, otherwise it becomes a chore.

Two different ideas, two cool buttons. 

Which do you think is right?  Which describes how you blog?


  1. It depends, I think. Sometimes the posts come freely, but sometimes it's a struggle to come up with anything to write about. When I can write effortlessly, blogging is awesome, but when I'm in a funk, it becomes a thorn in my side... and I wonder why I feel obligated to write when I have nothing to say. It's not like I get paid to write. It's not like anyone will cry if I don't.

  2. I guess I'd have to go with the second one. Because if I'm not in the mood to write, it sure BLOWS chunks to have to sit at my computer, praying that something will formulate in my brain.

    Do it only when you feel like!


    Okay, seriously, I've said too much.

    I'm outta here.

  3. Yes, I've done both.

    The "experts" say people stop reading if you don't post regularly, but what the experts fail to mention is that if you regularly post drivel, you lose your readers for good!

    So. I've tried to keep a schedule. I've written so many bad posts in a row that I knew I needed to stop until I had something good to say.

    Now, I try to blend the two approaches. If it's been to long with no word, I'll force myself to say something. If it's going poorly, I'll force myself to take step away from the computer.

    Myself is a heartless task master.

  4. I agree with the second. I blog when I have something to say or something awesome I want to share. I don't want to post regularly because I feel I'll bore my readers with nonsense. Plus, that's what I have facebook for :)


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