Friday, July 2, 2010

Caffeinated Randomness : A day in the life…

Since yesterday’s post put me in a fairly random mood, I decided to do a Caffeinated Randomness post, which I haven’t done very much of recently.  To learn more, and see other people being random on a Friday, go to Andrea’s blog.  (Or go anyway, it’s worth it.)



05:00 – Wake up refreshed
05:10 – Quiet time and personal prayer.
06:00 – Attend Men’s Morning Prayer Group
07:10 – Get home.  Go for 5 mile run
07:50 – Eat healthy breakfast of yoghurt and muesli
08:00 – Go to office, work until lunch.
13:00 – Make light lunch and do afternoon devotions.
14:00 – Back to work
17:00 – Turn off computer

OKAY, that’s what it says in my diary.  Here’s how it sometimes, usually, actually goes:

05:51 – Realise hand has hit snooze button a few times
06:09 – Arrive late for prayers.  First one there.
07:15 – Arrive home. Prepare for run.
07:20 – Realise sitting to put on shoes was mistake.
07:30 – Still staring at my feet.  Must run.
07:45 – Start running.  Hear asthmatic elephants chasing me.
07:50 – Stop after 1 Mile, realise elephants are me breathing.
08:05 – Arrive back home.  Sit down to take off shoes.
09:00 – Wake up, realise still wearing running clothes.
09:30 – Arrive at office (in running clothes).
09:35 – Eat breakfast (Cold pizza and coffee)
09:45 – Do quick prayers in office.  Complain when clients interrupt.
09:50 – Check e-mails and blogs.
10:59 – Stop reading blogs. 
11:00 - Start again in case anyone has commented.
11:05 – Realise most bloggers area still asleep.  (3AM in US)
11:10 – Play solitaire and online poker. 
13:00 – Lunch time.  Peanut sandwich.
13:10 – Take a 20 minute nap.
14:30 – Get up from 20 minute nap.
17:59 – Finish work for the day.  Decide to check blogs.
20:00 – Time for supper I suppose.
20:30 – Order pizza.  (Breakfast for tomorrow)

So what about you?  Do you follow your plan for the day, or is it just as random as mine?


  1. Fish are friends, not food.

    My days never have any organization, especially during summer vacation with my children out of school...

  2. I always have the best intentions about my day.... waking at a certain time getting in a great quiet time and spending some time doing some reading or writing...and then the alarm goes off and I hit the snooze button for the next hour.

    That is why I found this quote

    "I like flaws and feel more comfortable around people who have them. I myself am made entirely of flaws, stitched together with good intentions." --Augusten Burroughs.

    So flaws and least my intentions are good.........

  3. Whenever I hear someone ask, "If you had one extra hour a day, what would you do with it?" my reply is typically, "I'd probably waste it just like I do the 24 I've already been given." I guess I'm not really following Brian Tracy's advice about positively affirming that "I am good at time management." I wonder if that would help? ; )

    So, in answer to your question, um no. No plan here.

  4. I'm glad I'm not the only one that has a schedule that doesn't pan out in reality. I'm more often than not lured toward the computer for some specific task, only to find myself still there after 30 minutes.

  5. So that I don't set myself up for disappointment, the first list would never happen!
    I just set general goals for my days and see what pans out. LOL

    I am, however, working on NOT being idle or foolish with my time.
    I'm a work in progress. God has begun a good work in me. He's faithful to complete it. I must be willing to cooperate.

    Have a great and productive day!

  6. this cracked me up! When I read the first list I was so impressed! I couldn't believe how amazingly disciplined you are! It was a relief to read on and find that you're actually human! haha

    Have a great weekend! :)

  7. What the heck is "yoghurt"? Sounds painful...

    And you ate a peanut sandwich? As in peanuts? Not peanut butter? Weird...

  8. I used to make plans for my day. In fact, I used to be very good at carrying out the plans I made for my day. And then I had three kids (not all at once!). And realized after 12 years of marriage that my husband doesn't plan anything (I'm pretty quick like that). So I just gave up. Although I am pretty good at planning to have coffee and carrying that out.

    And thank you for eating cold pizza for breakfast.

  9. I HAVE to do certain things each day at the same time every day or my day is messed up. As far as things I want to do (like blogging), they usually get snuck in as possible.

  10. I find even on days that I wake up and could stay up and maybe get some quiet time, I decide the kids would just be getting up in 15 minutes anyway and I might as well get 15 more sleep since I can REALLY do anything productive in 15 minutes anyway. But then, I go back to sleep, am grumpy when the kids get me up, and kick myself for not taking advantage of those 15 minutes. Maybe, just maybe, I'll learn. Maybe.

  11. Copy cat,

    Except for the peanut sandwich. And I do a lot of lather, rinse, repeat since I forget what I did.


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