Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Is GOD like a cell-phone?

I have terrible skin. 

I always have, and probably always will.  When I get stressed, I break out in acne, and you can always tell my emotional state by looking at my complexion.  Quite sad really.

One day at church, a few months after I started work, a friend of mine who is also a lawyer commented that my skin was looking good. I discovered that she had prayed that when I started work my skin would clear up, because she said she knew how hard it was to start a new job and be taken seriously, without the added pressure of teenage skin.


Why didn’t I think of that?

I mean I prayed hard over each job interview, and hard over which job offer to choose, and hard that God would sustain me in my chosen career.  It just never occurred to me God might also be interested in my skin.  Talk about small-minded.

cellphoneI think we sometimes do that with God, we treat him like his attention is free minutes on a mobile phone contract.  You know, where you get 120 free minutes to use in the month.  2 whole hours of free time, but you’re afraid to use it to phone your friends, because what if you need to talk to someone urgently on the 29th of the month, and have no minutes left.  Shouldn’t you save it until then, just in case something more important comes up.

Do we think God will refuse to hear our “serious” prayers later if we bug Him with too much of the “petty” stuff now?  Or do we just think he is too important to deal with this?

So next time I’m in need, hopefully I’ll remember to put in a call.  No free minutes on this package - God’s already got the bill covered, and we can talk as much as we like.


  1. I find myself thinking along the same lines a lot. I've even noticed myself debating myself about whether a problem is big enough to bother God with.

  2. I have this friend that I have to keep convincing isn't a bother to me. I love her so much that it's a delight to hear from her. Yet she'll still say "I know you're so busy" apologetically.

    I think this is another one of those silly things we have to get over. God wants to hear from us. We truly aren't a bother.

    I even wonder if He allows some problems in our lives just so we'll call home once in a while ...

  3. I think he probably came up with "Caller ID" because I bug Him so much. I take just about everything to Him.. I talk to Him often.

  4. I love that God is concerned with every little detail in our lives.....and is never too busy for us.

  5. Practically speaking, how's your EFA (essential fatty acid) intake (ex: Flaxseed, Fish oils)? Are you getting ample fluid too? These things can help. As for your cell phone analogy, even our biggest concern is easy for God. Praying about the little things just opens our heart up for more of His love to pour through. :)

  6. Came here from SCL--great post.

    Whenever I think my prayer requests are too insiginificant, I thank God that he put these 2 things in the BIble:
    "Even the hairs on your head are numbered."
    and "Not one sparrow falls from the tree that he doesn't see. How much more will he care for you."
    Just to remember that if he knows the number of hairs on my head, and cares about the life of a single sparrow, it's his way of saying there is nothing too small for his attention and grace.


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