Friday, June 12, 2009

Caffeinated Randomness : Spoons

So Pete Wilson over at Without Wax did a post today called The Antitheses of Spiritual Growth , which sounds heavy, but is actually an account of how his community group (which I guess is like my cell group) played a game of "spoons" a while ago.

Let me tell you a story about the last time my cell group played spoons.

So there I was on Saturday night, minding my own business, like a good Christian boy, when some bright spark pulls out a pack of cards.
(Okay, they might have been my cards, I don't recall)

Because gambling would be wrong, (and because we were too lazy to fetch the poker chips) somebody decided we should play "Spoon" (A card game where the idea is not to be the last person without a spoon.)

So the cell group leader, youth pastor, worship leader and two lay minsters set about corrupting their flock by turning it into a drinking game. (Heathens)

The game became a little excited, including one lay minister hitting another in the face with a spoon they were fighting over. (Okay, but she had it coming!!!! That spoon was mine)

After matters had quitened down, and we were all a little more relaxed. (Some more than others) It was suggested that we all update our facebook status at 8AM on Monday to say that "xxx is a xxx spooner." in order to further shock the congregation and clergy who might hear stories of our wild weekend.

The idea being that "Sharkbait spent the weekend spooning with his cell group" might be a bit to blunt.

So the next day our statuses proclaim as follows.

The Cell Leader/Lay Minister claimed "Sharkbait is a dangerous spooner"

The Youth Pastor was a "tiny but awesome spooner"

The LayMin/Schoolteacher was "an ambitions spooner"

The other teacher was "an ambidextrious spooner"

and so forth.

Nothing like freaking out the rest of the parish leadership. :)


  1. Hahaha!! I would have like to have seen the faces of those who read your "shocking" updates!

  2. Oh.My.Word... too funny. And I love playing spoons, btw, so I guess I'm a heathen, too. Oh well... can't win'em all!

  3. Haha...I haven't played spoons since the youth group days, but I do remember it always got pretty violent :)

  4. Spoons is one of the most dangerous card games ever. And one of the most fun! :) Sounds like an awesome night of crazy randomness to me!

  5. I laughed so hard reading this! The last time I played Spoons was at Methodist College... All we could find was plastic spoons... And we were grabbing them so hard during the game that they were breaking. (Did you know that a broken plastic spoon can do some REAL damage to a person's body?) Fantastic story, Sharkbait, Fantastic! :-)

  6. Awesome! I like freaking people out at Church, too. At a financial planning meeting, we were discussing getting nearby businesses to donate. They asked us to approach yada yada yada, etc, etc

    My response?

    "I don't solicit........anymore..."

    Deacon Ken loved that one!

  7. Well that would get the tongues a waggin, that's for sure. :)

  8. Cool story. When I was in college Intervarsity Fellowship (IV for short) there was a group of us that called ourselves IVJD's - the IV Delinquents, basically. I think it's because we wanted to have too much fun. Well, not TOO much fun, but, you know.

  9. It turns out that the game was invented in US Prisons, and uses spoons as the object because blunt nosed eating untensils were the only things the inmates could get their hands on. Apparently the prison authorities thought no-one would get hurt that way.

    They've obviously never seen any of us play. :-)

    Oh and Helen, we're all loving that one.

  10. Sounds way too fun. I'd be delighted to join the next game of spoons if you're ever inclined to play online and you offer the invite.

  11. had to replace a table at a scout camp once after our church leader's retreat game of spoons - good times


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