Friday, June 5, 2009

Caffeinated Randomness : Coffee

I likes me some good coffee I does. Not Coffey, although I loves me some of that too, but the stuff with the awesome caffeine kick, and the heaven-scent aroma.

The reason this comes to mind this morning is because it is Friday, and on Friday mornings I get up extra early. Like before the sun and all. The reason? Because I go to a men's prayer group at 6AM. Yes, we meet at 6AM. Until I joined this group a few years ago, I never knew that 5 o'clock came around twice a day. Go figure.

But I digress. After going to prayers on a Friday morning, I then used to go straight to work, usually arriving about an hour before anyone else. So I used to take the time on a Friday to brew up an extra big pot of coffee in my office. So when the rest of the office staff used to arrive at 8(ish) the entire office, and the passage leading up to it, used to smell like Blend '81, or Dawn Patrol, or one of my secret blends. I used to be very popular on a Friday morning I can tell you.

Now that I work for myself, and have an office at home, I use the time between going to prayers and the start of the day for higher motives. I go back to sleep and get another hour or so until the office opens.

I still have my coffee maker in my office, but with my own kitchen next door, I tend to neglect the good stuff in favour of the easy stuff. Saves time, saves energy. But some days I still miss the Friday mornings with the queue of secretaries at my door with their coffee mugs.


  1. Welcome to our Caffeinated randomness is much fun :)

    I don't like coffee but I love the smell...

    sleep sounds like a much better option in my opinion.

    Have a great weekend.

  2. I'm so glad you joined us!

    Um, sleep trumps coffee every.single.time. in my books! Who could blame you?!

  3. Great writing style you have there, my friend... I used to start work every morning at 6:30 am - That was just insane. Now it's more like 7:15 - with a big cup o' Starbucks!

  4. ah man.. I left a comment and then lost it when I was trying to commit it.

    I love the aroma of coffee.. not sure that I would like the smell of Coffey though :)

    Best coffee that I have had was in Indonesia .. it just tasted better there than it does by the time it gets here.. maybe fresher?

    I also enjoy my early morning times in the word which is Sunday morning for me as I finalize my preparations to teach.

  5. Ironic that I'm sitting here reading this with a cup of coffee in my hand. I drink about half a pot in the morning to wake up, and another half at night to stay up. Ambrosia of the gods, I say. I'd love to get my hands on some Dawn Patrol, though. That sounds awesome.

    And Tony: Coffey actually smells pretty good. Like fresh-cut grass with a hint of Armani.

  6. Snort! I see Billy Coffey's nasty pimp is doing her job. Getting the word out about her newest discovery.

    Coffee is the morning is an absolute must for me, but by noon I move to Low Carb Monster.

  7. I enjoy the smell of coffee as well. And the taste.
    Anyways, I am not a morning person, myself. I'm up, but I'm not exactly happy about it...

  8. I've always hoped coffee will be in Heaven. Can you imagine a good cup-of-joe and sitting in a booth with Jesus while having the BEST conversation with my BEST friend over the BEST coffee? Man...all jokes aside...that sounds so amazing to me. Let it be so Lord...

  9. I was once at a dinner where there was an expert in 'eastern medicine' speaking, who kept talking about how we could live to 100 if we take care of ourselves. He mentioned that coffee was the worst thing for our system, and would shorten our lives by years.

    At Q&A time I asked "Why would I want to live to be 100 if I can't drink coffee?"

    He had no response to that one. :-)


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