Monday, July 9, 2012

Science is superstition

Yeah, that ought to start some discussion. 
Let the flame fest begin.


Let me tell you why I say this.

In the news recently, it was announced that the Large Hadron Collider had finally succeeded in smashing enough particles together to discover traces of what could be a Higgs Boson. 

Since this was one of the reasons why the LHC was built in the first place, I had a number of reactions.

    1. Finally, this is very exciting.
    2. I love science.
    3. I wonder how wrong the media will get it when they report this event.
    4. Can we now sell the LHC for scrap, and end World Hunger and Poverty with one single cheque?

To be clear, the Higgs Boson is a small particle (I am simplifying here) which is believed to be responsible for matter having mass.  It was first postulated (I believe) by Peter Higgs in 1964.  His theory was that it must exist, because that was the only way to explain why matter has mass. 

In essence, he observed that there was NO WAY to explain the behaviour of sub-atomic particles without assuming that an invisible “thing” existed that would cause this to happen.  Nobody had ever seen it, nobody knew what it looked like, nobody could even explain how it came to exist.  Only that it must exist, otherwise everything they believed would be wrong.  They judged its existence by the behaviour of matter around it.

That sounds a lot like superstition to me.  Is that any less logical than believing in God, even though we have never seen him, but we have seen his works and felt his presence?

Or take the example of the Graviton.  A Graviton is a sub-atomic particle in all matter that is responsible for gravity.

How do we know it exists?  Because otherwise we have no explanation for gravity.   We can’t explain the gravitational force with the sub-atomics we already know about, so we assume there must exist a mythical particle called “Graviton.”

We know that all matter is governed by four forces:

  • We can explain the Electromagnetic Force with Photons.
  • We can explain the Strong Force with Gluons.
  • We can explain the Weak Force with W & Z bosons.
  • We cannot explain the Gravitational Force… but we know there must exist a solution, so we make up a Graviton.

Science tells us there exist things we can neither see, nor explain, and we just have to have faith until we understand them better. 

So does Religion.  We just get laughed at when WE say it.  

I have seen the evidence of God every day of my life, and felt His presence.  I have all the proof I need.

I will leave you with a quote from the great Dogbert.

science is based on the irrational belief that because we cannot perceive reality all at once, things called "time" and "cause and effect" exist.


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