Tuesday, February 28, 2012

I have a wife, and… I am honest with her.

Well, perhaps honest is not the right word.  I am honest with everyone.
I am … open?
I am honest and open about my faults and my feelings.  I do not try to hide anything from her, because by now she knows me so well she knows all these things before I say them.  I can not pretend I am happy when I am upset, and I need to be honest about why if I we are going to build a relationship.  If I am holding something back, them I am asking her to have a relationship with only part of me, or with someone who is not me.
God also wants us to be open and honest. 
In Genesis, Abraham argues with God about the destruction of Sodom.  (Genesis 18:20-33)  King David and Jeremiah often complain to God when they are hurting and feel far away from Him.  Moses even tells God “Enough is enough!  If you are really with us you need to show it.” (Genesis 33:1-17)  And God listens!
He knows what is on our hearts. He knows us better than we know ourselves.  He wants us to be honest and open with Him, so we can grow closer to Him.

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