Monday, January 19, 2009

Free Water!

Do you like water?
I just love, it!!! I could swim around in it all day. But water sustains life for more than just humble fish. Humans need to drink it every day.
I recently read that it would take something like $10 billion to give every one on the world fresh water. Which is quite a scary statistic, especially when you consider that (according to the blog) The US alone spends $450 billion on Christmas every year.
So what can you do? Well I guess you can stop spending money on Christmas, and send it to someone like wateraid.
But I discovered a fun alternative -
They are a fun, online game, and as far as my research shows they are legit. For every city in the world that you can find on a map, they will donate 10 cups of water to an aid organisation.
So far I have donated 667 cups, which if you take a cup to mean 250ml, means I have given over 100 litres of water. And I am having fun as well.
So check out the site, or the link on my sidebar, and see what you think.

btw. I know that freepoverty used to donate through wateraidamerica, who confirmed their donation. I don't know who they are using now, or whether it is taking place. If anyone knows anything, positive or negative, please let me know. It seems legitimate, but I am happy to be corrected.

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  1. I now see that you can add a freepoverty game on facebook. I assume it is the same, but I cannot confirm whether the proceeds from this game also go to the same source.


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