Thursday, January 22, 2009

Christians are people too

I was talking to some Christian friends last night, and the topic of non-Christians mixing with Christians came up. One of my friends mentioned a birthday party we had all gone to a few months ago, which was held in the club house of a local sports club. The comments was how the regular sports club members, who were non-Christians, had been so amazed to discover that we were the 'Church-friends'. Apparently they had been horrified to discover that we actually went into bar areas, and drank, and danced until 2 in the morning, and other such human endeavours.

I think they might also have been surprised
that we spent a lot of time running around
the club house taking photographs with a
stuffed fish, who was also dancing and drinking.

I think a lot of people out there have a perception that Christians are somehow different, and indeed we are - or should be - but we are also people. I think we lose a lot of evangelism opportunity when we think we need to act more Christian around non-Christians, instead of remembering to act holy all the time. They need to see that we are the same, but with something extra.

A good testament to this philosophy is this. The blog Stuff Christians Like was recently ranked number three on the Church list of the 60 most popular Christian blogs. The reason this is cool is because of the content. This is not a blog with long bible studies on it, nor is it a blog with daily sermons, or insights from high-ranking theologians. It is a blog about the silly things we believe, do, and secretly love as Christians. The tone is extremely sarcastic, the blogger talks about his personal issues and struggles, and no matter how ridiculous they sound... WE ALL NOD OUR HEADS. The blog has built up a huge following, because it is something that real people, trying to be Christians in a challenging world, can relate to: Swearing; hiding our faith; pornography; worship eagles. Yup. We've been there, done that, and are waiting for the T-Shirt to be cheap enough to order from the U.S.

We are people too, and if we try to hide that from the world, we are hiding the greatest evanelism tool we have, our lives.

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