Friday, March 2, 2012

I have a wife, and…I protect her.

My wife is a strong woman, probably stronger than me.  She gives me strength, and she is more than capable of looking after herself.  However, if anyone talks ill about her in my presence…

there will be a reckoning!

(Just saying.)

I love her, and I am very jealous of her.  And people know that.  They know that I will defend her if they attack her, or try to break her down.  It might be their democratic right in an open and free society with freedom of speech to verbally abuse my wife, and take her name in vain.  But they don’t.  Because they respect my decision, and they respect the fact that I will fight for her.

So why do we sit back and let people say things about God in our presence without responding?  Why do we let people take his name in vain in our presence?  We say it is because we don’t want to push our faith on them, and they have rights as well.

Agreed, but do we take His name and reputation as seriously as our wife’s?  Of course He can defend himself better than we can, and He does not need us to stand up for him.

But what does it say when we do not?

What would it say about our wife if we sat in a group of people who made fun of her and did nothing?  What would it say about our relationship with her?

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