Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Must. Have. Zombie. Book.


I don’t watch a lot of zombie movies.  I don’t read a lot of zombie books.
I do have a Zombie Escape Plan, but doesn’t everyone?

_140_245_Book.499.cover Yet when I saw the latest book offering from Thomas Nelson Publishing, I had to request a review copy.

I strongly suspect that the book will turn out to be the sort of soppy, thinly-disguised allegory that will make C.S. Lewis turn over in his grave, and that I will be annoyed through most of the book at how they stretch to compare our sinful nature to the un-dead.


So why did I request it?

Because how can I not have a book in the Theology section of my book case called The Christian Zombie Killers Handbook?

Enough said.


  1. Ha! I'll be very interested in hearing your thoughts on the book! It's sure to be interesting! ha!

    How are the wedding plans coming?


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