Thursday, October 13, 2011

How I hooked a fish-wife


True love finds you in the strangest places, and sometimes it even finds you where and when you were not looking.

In less than a month I am going to marry my true love, the fabulous  Dori.  The woman I was destined to spend the rest of my life with.  The person who is perfect for me in every way.  The person I never even knew existed 10 months ago.

How does that even happen????

In our case, I think GOD got tired of us both getting our acts together, so he had to try for a little bit of divine intervention.  On 7 January 2011, we met on a blind date.  Or, as I like to call it, a “double-blind date”.  Because not only was it a blind date for us, but the people who set us up… did not know me either.

2006-11-20-my-ideal-first-date-is-something-harmonicLet me make this clear.  Dori and I are so compatible it is scary.  We complement each other in every important way, and already I can not imagine living my life without her in it.  We could not have been more perfectly suited for each other… but the people who set us up did not know this.  Only one of them had ever even seen me in real life. (I think.)

Dori has a friend called Yenta, who made it her mission in life to find Dori a boyfriend in 2011.  So she asked around to see if anyone knew any eligible bachelors. One of the people she spoke to had a friend who knew me,  and apparently I had come up in conversation at some point.  I think the person may have visited my church with our mutual friend, and may have heard me preach, or just seen me at church, but we had never met.  So said person said, “Sharkbait, he’s single I think.”

So my name just popped into a total stranger’s head one day when trying to think of people to fix Dori up with.  No idea why, or whether I was even the right sort of person.  Yenta had no clue who I was, and her friend only knew me by reputation.

mc_hammer_slideAnd yet… when we both eventually succumbed to some intense pressure to meet for coffee… things went very well.

Date one.  Coffee.  Nearly three hours.
Date two.  Coffee again.  Four hours. 
And so on…


There is no way we could have found each other on our own.  It constantly amazes me that with our similar interests and values, we had no mutual friends and did not move in similar circles.  Yet once we found each other it was as if we had known each other our whole lives, as if our whole life had been waiting for that other person.

GOD might have infinite patience, but I think even he got tired of waiting for us to find each other, so he gave things a bit of a nudge.

And the rest is history. 


  1. I love this! And your illustrations!

    My husband and I met in 7th grade. One day, he was talking about how his family almost moved across the country when he was in 6th grade. If that had happened, we never would have met and my life would look so different.

    God is good!! Congratulations!!!

  2. Congratulations to you and Dori! (It's me Denise ohsewgood.) My husband and I had our first date on Feb, 13th, engaged June 16th and eloped Sept. 28th. When it's right, it's right. We just celebrated our 21st Anniversary. I wish you both all the very best.


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