Monday, August 2, 2010

Gender question

The question over at The One-Minute Writer a little while ago was, “Write about a way in which you don't relate to many other members of your gender.

Well, there are so many answers to that question, but the one I chose to go with was:
When I was in High School, I became a librarian instead of taking sports.

I got laughed at a lot for that.

So while my friends were all hanging out with other guys in a sweaty locker room, I was helping cute girls reach the top shelf.

Who's laughing now?
So I guess that makes me a double winner. :-)

What about you?  How do you feel like you don’t relate to your gender?


  1. You always make me laugh :).

    I hate talking on the phone. I believe that makes me less of a woman :).

  2. I kept score for the boys basketball team instead of being a cheerleader ...

  3. Oh my....I just laughed out loud.

    My husband worked at the library funny! His cruel nickname was Dewey (Decimal System)

    Hmmmmmmm, I really don't like clothes shopping, it's a chore for me. I hate trying on clothes.

    Glad to "see" you are back. :)

  4. I relate to other women, but not the girly stuff. I used to dread women's bible studies because they were awash in lace and salad luncheons. Forturnately, the women at our church plant are much like me. (Or maybe that's "unfortunately".)

  5. Thanks for sharing ladies.

    Pity we don't have more men along here to tell us about all the girly things they do. :-)


  6. I gotta share this...

    When I went on my first mission team to Mexico, we did construction at an orphanage. I was a 19-year-old girl and spent two weeks shoveling gravel into a cement mixer.

    And I had to learn how to spit like a man.

    Oh, my gosh, I can't believe I just admitted that in public! But gravel dust is REALLY gross and spitting is the ONLY way to get it out of your mouth!

  7. like your little review on gender questions - and there are some of them in my life - and right - you feel a bit strange if all the ladies think nothing is nicer than a ladies afternoon coffee - and for me, it's one of my horror visions... i prefer to go for a bike ride...


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