Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Sorry for you

To the guy(s) from Saudia Aribia who came to my blog by googling "women'sbreef", I don't know what you were hoping to find, but I'll bet it wasn't a talking fish.

Sorry for you.


  1. carrying on with the word of the day from Katdish....


  2. HmmmmmphhhhhBAAAAAA! HAHAHAHAHA! That's funny! Yes, I'm sure that person WAS surprised!

  3. Had to come back and let you know that this inspired me to check my stats and found out that someone visited my place by a Google search of "world's ugliest feet".

    not that a fish would have this concern....just thought I would share.

  4. I was quite pleased to discover that the search term that brought most people to my blog over the last three months was "Perelandra".


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