Sunday, January 3, 2010

Faith like Potato salad

I am a pretty good cook, if I do say so myself.  My chicken and pasta dishes are quite tasty, and don’t get me started on my Lamb Chops in Garlic and Butternut.  Mostly I am self-taught, finding recipes and adapting them to my tastes; but one thing I did learn from my Mother – Potato Salad.


My mother never sat me down and told me “This is the recipe for Potato Salad” for the simple reason that she has no recipe.  Instead I watched her for thirty years as she added a little of this, and a little of that until it ‘looked right’.  Not the easiest thing to learn, trust me on that.  I helped to peel potatoes, and boiled eggs and gradually did more and more until now I can make a decent potato salad. I never asked her to teach me, but it tasted so good, I just couldn’t keep away, and one day had to try it for myself.

Of course my potato salad is slightly different.  I prefer to grate the onion with a serrated steak-knife rather than cutting it, and my pieces are smaller.  It’s just the way I prefer it.  So I learned a great deal from watching, stuff that could be explained, but can only be learned by watching, tasting what works for you, and making mistakes.

My Mother is also probably the reason I am a Christian today.  It wasn’t only her potato salad that she showed us over the years, and she made her faith so tasty, that we all chose to try it for ourselves.
(Although I am the only one who can make Potato Salad.)

Are you making Potato Salad for your kids, and those around you? 


  1. Love this.....and might hit you up for your version of the recipe this summer.

    I am trying to teach and show my children my potato salad recipe, and they actually are making it better with their "dash" of their own seasoning.

    Happy New Year, SB!

  2. You have so honored God and your mother with Potato Salad. You have made them both very proud, I'm sure.

  3. I like this.

    In both faith and potato salad there are basics which cannot be compromised. Whatever else you do to potato salad, it must have the potatoes and dressing which make it salad. It must have the salt which flavors. The other ingredients must be balanced harmoniously.

    Whatever else makes someone a Christian, Jesus must be Lord. Forgiveness can come only by faith in Him, apart from works. Mercy and truth must kiss in balance.

    Yet for no two people will faith or potoato salad be exactly alike.

  4. I never thought about grating onions ever. Now you've taught me the first secret to your potato salad. :) No, I don't teach my daughter to make potato salad but she is learning about the Lord. :) Thanks for asking. Now about those lamb chops...

  5. I like to bake the potatoes instead of boiling them. It gives them a different texture.

  6. Loved this analogy.

    My mom puts carrots and ketchup in her potato salad, and there is no better potato salad in the world to me than hers. I can make it, but only because, like you, I watched her so many times. When I ask her how much of something to add she says, oh, a little bit, or quite a bit, and so on...

  7. Definitely making potato salad over here. :) Great post.

  8. Great post. I hope you showed your mother. You might be mostly self-taught, but don't forget the big sister who got you started by showing you how to make chocolate cake:)


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