Friday, June 13, 2014

... and so it begins.

If you are on the internet at the moment, there is a good chance that you will have, or will over the next few weeks, experience this…

(via The Oatmeal)

That’s right, it is World Cup 2014, where the world will go mad for a month over football.  Although admittedly for a lot of fans, this is a year-round obsession.  (At least in most of the world.)


Which would have led me into my 5 minute rant about the differences between American Football, and real Football… except that John Cleese stole all my best jokes, and condensed them into less than two minutes, so I will let him cover this one for me.

Over to you John.

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  1. American football (used to be my favorite) bores me now.

    Soccer bores me to no end. Running back and forth, very little scoring and fake writhing in pain if someone bumps them.

    But hockey! Now that's an exciting game!

    Go KIngs!


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