Monday, May 21, 2012

Real Marriage–Mark and Grace Driscoll

_225_350_Book_553_coverIn Real Marriage, Pastor Mark Driscoll and his wife, Grace, share how they have struggled and how they have found healing through the power of the only reliable source: the Bible. They believe friendship is fundamental to marriage but not easy to maintain. So they offer practical advice on how to make your spouse your best friend – and keep it that way.


I reviewed this book over at my other blog, but I also received a DVD companion series to review, which I am doing here. 

The DVD series takes the 11 chapters of the book, and turns them into a very interesting 11 week course.  I feel that it worked very well together with the book.

After reading each chapter of the book, there is a short (10 minute) DVD film to watch in which Mark and Grace talk about that weeks topic.  Then there are discussion questions for group-time, so the material can be looked at in a small group.
Then there is a series of questions for both the wife and the husband to answer separately as homework, and another series of questions to discuss together as a couple.

I liked the fact that there were very practical ways to engage with the book, and also the group-time/private-time/couple-time aspect.  I also liked that each week had ideas for a date night, including such ideas as “Invite a married couple over for dinner, and ask them questions about marriage.” Very practical and fun.

I liked that the weekly sessions were done in a way that there are activities and homework for singles as well, so engaged and non-married persons can learn from this teaching. 

What I did find was this….

This DVD series is NOT a replacement for the book.  The DVD covers about 5-10% of the material covered in the book, and in a lot less depth.  It is not a replacement, but rather a 10 minute discussion of what you have learned to start you talking about it in groups.  Do NOT buy this DVD series without buying the book as well. 

(NB, there is no copy of the book in the box-set, only the DVD and the study manuals. You will have to buy it separately)

Would I recommend this series?  Yes, totally.  It is great for personal study, or a group study.  Just don’t think it will replace reading the book.

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