Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Jesus Freaks

There are more Christian martyrs today than there were in 100 AD-in the days of the Roman Empire. According to a study done at Regent University, there were close to 164,000 Christians martyred around the world in 1999. Their stories must be told.



I might be the last Christian in the world to actually read this book, but I finally have read it.  For the last ten years I have been putting it off, because I knew that it would be hardcore. 

It was.

The book tells the story of dozens of Christian martyrs, most of whom died for their faith - many quite painfully or horrifically.  It covers children still in their teens, as well as entire families who lost their lives for their beliefs.  It is quite scary stuff.

I have always found stories of martyrdom and persecution quite scary, because I am always afraid that I would never be able to measure up to these people.  Some of them stared their torturers in the eyes and said “I will never renounce my faith, do your worst.”

I have the privilege of living in a country where I will probably never face torture or prison for my beliefs.  I never have to live in fear.  And sometimes I wonder if that is a good thing. 

There is a reason why the word “Martyr” actually means “Witness.”  Our faith has always been at it’s strongest when we are persecuted; and our witness at it’s most powerful when we are seen to stand up under suffering. 

Reading this book reminded me about the other face of my faith.  The side I don’t often think about.  The side where people lose everything in a heartbeat, and do so gladly, because of what they gain.

Is it wrong that I thank God daily that he has called me to minister to people who are receptive to the Gospel, instead of putting myself in harms way? 

Quite a challenging book, and not for the faint of heart, or faint of faith.

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  1. I could be wrong but I can't help but think God, in His mercy, takes the spirit from the person before they feel any pain. At least I sure hope so. When I was fearful that something like that or worse would happen to me or my daughter, I believe the Lord showed me that the same Spirit that took Him to the cross would help me through anything we might have to go through. It was definitely comforting.


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