Sunday, December 19, 2010

Take note(s)

Do you take notes during the sermon?

bible-studying-pen-papger I have to admit I never have.  I am of the school of “If you write something down, you give yourself permission to forget it.” and “It’s easier to pay attention when you’re listening and looking.” 

Also it probably helps that I have a pretty good memory, so if you ask me questions about sermons I have heard in the past, I can probably tell you the bones of it anyway.

Unless of course it’s really bad, but in that case you know I would only be drawing pictures of Bat-Man in the margins anyway, so sermon notes won’t help.

But I digress.  (Frequently)

I have never really been a fan of taking notes during sermons, and I especially get a little freaked out when people write down what I’m saying when I preach.  Maybe it’s a lawyer thing, I want to be able to deny the heresies later. 

Recently however, Cyndi over at Atypical Pastor’s Wife ran a series of posts about sermon notes.  She called them….

Sermon Notes
Sermon Notes pt 2
Sermon Notes – the finale.

And after reading them, especially part 2, I have been taking notes at all the sermons I hear for the last three weeks.  So, pop over and read the posts.  If they can change the mind of a stubborn fish (for a while at least) then there might be something there for you.


  1. I randomly came across your blog. The title pretty much stole my heart, because I pretty much adore Finding Nemo. Looks like a fantastic blog you have going here. Can't wait to just keep swimming, I mean reading! :P God bless!

  2. Well Shark Bait, I have to say - I have a conviction against taking sermon notes. :) hee hee Not really, but I have to admit, I'm definitely more like you mentioned you default is.

    After Anna died, I had a friend from church who would take notes of what I said and did (especially when we were on the phone) and then she would quote me at later times. I thought it was weird, but in a way appreciated it later when she'd come back tell me spiritual things I said - it reminded me that I was being carried by God through a very difficult (actually horrific) time.

    I'm all about documenting, capturing, and taking in moments - but not sure I'll ever be an avid note taker - just a memory rememberer (lol) That happens when you've lost someone you love. You want everything!. :)

    But, since you recommended it, I will stop by your friends blog and see if she can change my mind. ha!

    Hope you have a great week.

  3. Christine - Welcome to my Reef. Feel free to swim around a little.

    Lynette - Thank you very much for that. I think sometimes notes are valuable, because we don't always see God the first time around, especially when so much else is going on.

  4. Thanks for the welcome. I am now following, so I will definitely be back to swim in the future!

  5. I caught this post last week and wanted to comment, but hate doing that on iPod. I'm glad I came back, because I took time to read the links.

    I definitely believe that taking notes helps remembering what we learn, even if we never look over them again. I've heard that people tend to learn best either by sight, audio, or kenetic (movement/touch). To take notes on a sermon employs all three methods because you hear, see, and write what you're learning.

    I guess everyone has their own method. I take a few notes during sermons and private Bible study, but if I were to put them in binders I'd never see them again. Good grief! Who has that kind of review time?

    I only jot down the points that really zing my heart, that I want to be sure to remember. I often write them in the margin of my Bible, where I'll see them again the next time I see the passage. If a sermon (or study) starts going exceptionally well, I'll start taking notes on a random sheet of paper, half size or smaller, and stick the notes in my Bible for that passage. To later see those unique loose leafs usually reinforces the memory of the sermon itself. Some notes are later discarded, once they've become so much a part of my life that I don't need them anymore.

    All those notes mean my Bible has gained a considerable amount of weight over the years (better it than me!), must be read very carefully, and is carried in a zippered case to prevent the notes from flying all over.

    Sorry to hijack your blog, favorite fish. But you hit a topic that's been central to my Christian life.

  6. I've been taking notes in my Bible for a few years now. I've got outlines on about half of Scripture. If my house burnt to the ground my Bible is the one item that would be truly irreplaceable.

    Of course I have a major advantage of attending a church which only preaches book by book by book expositionally.


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