Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Review - Opening John's Gospel and Epistles

I received a copy of Opening John's Gospel and Epistles from Tyndale House Publishers for review purposes, and so far I am impressed. 

According to the sales pitch: "Opening John’s Gospels and Epistles outlines four New Testament books with notes and exposition on each section. The notes cover every significant phrase of John’s writings, including some text-critical details."

Not only does it give verse by verse explanations about what is going on, but it seperates each section into a "snapshot" of Jesus, and gives an exposition of that aspect. I am finding it useful for preparing detailed Bible Studies on the Gospel, and signs, and foresee using it quite heavily in future for sermon preparation. The exposition strikes a useful balance between theological interpretation, and historical context. - A rare mix I think.

Despite being a fairly scholarly work, the language is simple.  There are no heavy theological terms, rather detailed explanations.  Easier to read than a commentary, more detailed than a study Bible.  Perfect for the amateur theologian.

From a orthodoxy perspective, I also don't have any problems with the book, or the language used, nor the versions quoted.  Where there is some doubt about a section, it describes in detail the debate, rather than opting for the annoying "section omitted in some versions" which tells us so little.

I would highly recommend this for anyone interested in pulling John's writings apart, and moderate to serious scholars.

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