Tuesday, May 26, 2009

What if Jesus blogged?

I read an interesting post on another blog where I occasionally lurk.

The premise was the question, "what if Jesus blogged?" How cool would it be to follow him? To hear his insight on everyday stuff, and to listen to his humour. Awesome.

Here's my question... How would you feel about letting him follow your blog? Knowing that you are writing something that your saviour is reading. Would you be proud, or scared? How would you feel about him commenting on your blog?


  1. Well, I already sort of "follow his blog" when I read his words in Matthew. To continually hear His day by day account would be awesome, but honestly, I guess He offers us the equivalent in our prayer time if we would ever be quiet long enough to hear him speak (okay, "We" means "I" here ).

    Knowing that he was "following" my blog would keep me on my toes. I send my daily posts to my pastor for the same reason, as he does read it, comments at times via email, but just knowing he is reading me does help me keep on track. My husband reads me also. One helps keep me pure, the other helps keep me honest!

    Jesus is "following our blogs" so to speak. It's a great thought.

  2. I'd love Him to comment on my blog but I would install that "blog owner approval" button so I could read it first. The encouraging messages I would print- those with correction in them I would need to view on my own first privately.Just sayin'

    Oh, and uh,
    "God" guest posted supposedly at FOTTSP!

  3. I'm pretty sure that God already follows my blog. :-) When I sit down to write, I include Him in the planning of the post. I say, "Okay, what are you teaching me today?" Or "What would you like me to share?" And I weave His comments into the posts. My hope is that the reader can hear His voice in my writing... That's my hope anyway. :-)

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. I know that sometimes I get a bit deep and perplexing, but that's just the way that God works in me. :-)

  4. I usually try to post things that I wouldn't be ashamed if Jesus read them, but sometimes I think he'd have to politely disagree with me.

  5. Thanks for visiting/lurking on my blog. I had a chance to read some of your entries. I really liked your "poem" hope comes in the morning while faith gets you through the night. I'm also glad you enjoyed your time with the Youth.

  6. Good thought. I think I would like to make him see his name. I think I would like to make him laugh (since he created laughter). I think I would want him to see me ministering to others through my blog.

    Yes, we should always consider what he would want to see.

  7. how amazing would that be, right? or twitter? be his facebook friend?

    I think he actually does follow all of our blogs.


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